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10 Steps Along the Natural Path to Migraine Relief

By 11th July 2019Blog
10 Steps Along the Natural Path to Migraine Relief

Step 1) Hydration: Try to have a glass of water in front of you at all times and drink it every 2 hours.

Step 2) Eyesight: One of the simplest issues to correct as it may be causing your Migraine.
Step 3) Neck & shoulder problems: Many Migraines can be caused or aggravated by tension in this area.
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Step 4) Sleep: Even though some people get a Migraine from a lie-in, I believe that’s is caused by a build up of sleep deprivation. Go to bed earlier, don’t lie in later!
Step 5) Eat regularly. Many people suffer a Migraine, when their blood sugar falls, if they miss a meal. If you are one then eat little and often.
Step 6) Triggers: Many foods have been have been linked as triggers for a Migraine. Here are the most common:- alcohol, coffee, chocolate, oranges and cheese. 
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Step 7) Hormones: Are your migraine monthly? More exercise, less salt & sugar will help balance your Menstrual Cycle. Include isoflavone rich foods such as soy, peas, beans & lentils twice daily if possible. Take Vitamin E & B6 and evening primrose oil.
Step 8) Stress Management: Stress triggers nearly everyone’s Migraine so what do you do to manage yours? Massage, mindfulness, counselling, progressive relaxation, breathing exercises, visualization and sitting in a jacuzzi are all ways to combat stress.
Step 9) Supplements: Magnesium & the herb Feverfew are worth a try.
Step 10) Detox: This occurs naturally with a diet rich in fibre (fruit, veg & whole grains) low in protein & fat; with regular daily exercise in the outdoors; with the use of saunas, Epsom salt baths and skin brushing. Along with plenty of water which is where we started!
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