Steps to Relieve Back Pain

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Back Exercises

Preventative Treatment

On waking and on retiring

  • 1) Hug each knee, then both.
  • 2) Bend up and rock knees sideways.
  • 3) Lift each leg straight.
  • 4) Rest on knees and elbows in a ball.
  • 5) Straighten arms and stretch backwards.


  • 1) Swing each leg forwards and backwards.
  • 2) Bend sideways.
  • 3) Turn at the waist.
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Neck and Shoulders

  • 1) Turn neck each way.
  • 2) Bend neck sideways.
  • 3) Bend neck forwards and backwards.
  • 4) Shrug and roll shoulders.
  • 5) Circle arms around.

All back exercises should be done three times and repeated twice, gradually increasing the stretch.

In addition to relieve pain, apply HOT and COLD water via a shower or sponge in the ratio of 3 mins hot to 1 min cold, repeated three times, until relief is felt.

If there is no improvement after 24 hours it’s time to pay me a visit!

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