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Stress Test

To assess your stress levels, please take the Irving S Boxer Natural Health Clinic’s Stress Test.

  • 1) Do you miss breakfast or other meals?
  • 2) Could you do with more energy?
  • 3) Do you get less than 7hrs sleep?
  • 4) Could you eat more fruit and veg?
  • 5) Do you suffer from headaches or aches & pains?
  • 6) Do you drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day?
  • 7) Do you drink more than 4 units of alcohol per week?
  • 8) Do you exercise less than 2 hours per week?
  • 9) Do you need to learn how to relax?
  • 10) Did you have an unhappy childhood?
  • 11) Are you a worrier?
  • 12) Do you get irritable?
  • 13) Do you get depressed?
  • 14) Do you lack interest in sex?
  • 15) Have you had any major emotional upsets?
  • 16) Do you need to improve your relationship(s)?
  • 17) Would you like a new job?
  • 18) Could you do with a holiday?
  • 19) Do you suffer from frequent coughs and colds?
  • 20) Are you on medication?


Please add up your Yes’s, multiply by 5 for a percentage score

Up to 25%: You’re ok
26-50%: You need to make changes as per the highlighted entries
51-75%: You are stressed – Please Contact me!!!
Above 75%: Go on holiday!!!!

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