Decrease your Levels of Tension

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Exercise to excise tension

  • 1) Set aside a regular time when you won’t be disturbed.
  • 2) Lie down in darkened and quiet room.
  • 3) Begin by gently tensing and relaxing your whole body starting with your feet and ankles. 2-3 times: gradually working your way up the body tensing then relaxing each part – until you reach your face and teeth. Concentrate on what the relaxed state feels like. On completion tense your whole body twice.
  • 4) Now close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. It should be slow, deep and relaxed. Make sure each inhalation expands your stomach region and not your chest. Take in a slow deep breath and sigh it out in a relaxed manner. Do this 10 times, each time sinking to a lower level.
  • 5) Imagine yourself floating on a lilo in the middle of a swimming pool, with the warm sun on your face. Here there is nothing to worry about, you can forget about everything. Remain like this with your eyes closed until you feel refreshed. (between 10-30 mins).
  • 6) Open your eyes slowly and again take in 10 deep breaths. With each inhalation imagine you are drawing in the energy to do anything you want. As you breathe, imagine you are rising up again to level 1, but now you will be calm and strong and able to cope.
  • 7) Repeat this routine as often as possible and quite soon you should feel a decrease in your levels of tension and an increase in your vitality.

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