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The first time I contacted Irving I was in a lot of pain with a bad neck. Having explained my situation, he had me come down right away. I was freed of my discomfort within the hour. After my first session I felt a lot looser, more relaxed and open. Iv since seen him for a second time and I'm feeling taller and more aligned.

I found the overall treatment to be a very pleasant and helpful experience. Irving made me feel extremely relaxed in a warm, friendly and comfortable environment.
I would recommend him to all my friends and family.


I came to you with referred back pain & you told me around 2-3 visits would do the trick. Well you were wrong as after 1 visit, during which time you conducted a thorough background medical, my pain had gone & I felt good as new!!!
I then made the decision to put my mother in your capable hands & once again you made her feel better immediately. She is now very happy after her treatment and is telling all her friends about you which should keep you busy for years!!!
I would not hesitate to recommend you to family & friends. Thank you again for looking after 'the family'.

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I was recommended to Irving by a friend. I'd never had back problems before but had a constant lower back pain that I kept ignoring hoping it would go away. Thought it was nothing as I'd not had any accidents. It got to the point where it was affecting me at work and the gym and got unbearable at times. I'm so glad I booked in! Irving did a full medical check up to try and source where the problem came from. When checking my posture, flexibility, etc Irving discovered I had a twisted pelvis! God knows how I'd done that! He did a massage, heat treatment and clicked my back in 3 areas. I felt better almost immediately! After 3 sessions I am pain free! And can get on with my life as normal. Thanks Irving! Will be back in 6 months for an MOT check up


Irving is great. Walked into his clinic on Wednesday barely being able to stand up straight. When I walked out most of the pain had gone and I could already feel the healing effects of Irving's hands. Now on Saturday the pain is gone and I am back to my regular exercise. If you have a back problem, Irving's advise is to get to him ASAP. Well done Irving Backman Boxer great job.


Having never really believed in alternative medicine, homeopathy, natural cures or osteopaths, it was with great trepidation and very little faith that I came to you with a bad back.

After our first session I felt like I’d been life coached. You went through my medical history, delved into reasons for my bad back, gave me fantastic advice, a nice massage and off I went. My back felt instantly better and by doing the few simple exercises you gave me, it seems to be on the mend.

However, this is not the reason I write this testimonial.

The following week on the Monday I woke up unable to make a fist with my right hand. My middle finger just wouldn’t close. I’d had this once before and put it down to being a middle aged woman, maybe a little bit of arthritis? So at our next session the following day I mentioned it to you… Oh you said, that’s caused from a shortening of a nerve in my neck. Yeah right I thought.

20 minutes of rubbing my neck, back and shoulders and my finger was back to normal… and it still is. If I hadn’t seen and felt it myself I would never have believed it.

This man is a miracle worker.


Physiotherapist giving a back massage.

After a year of suffering with mild to acute discomfort from sciatica I went to see Irving.

After two sessions the pain has diminished to near nothing. Irving gave me some exercises that helped to underpin his highly effective treatment.

Not only is he a brilliant osteo but a great listener and storyteller. You will be entertained while your aches and pains are soothed away.


Dear Irving,

“Thank you for literally saving my life! …Last month I suffered from sudden onset of breathing difficulty resulting in me gasping for breath at the odd of hours at night. Having been treated with homeopathy for other ailments all my life, I did not want to resort to conventional medication for a quick-fix. Frantically googling the internet I came across you as a local homeopath….One call is all it took and you very kindly squeezed me in your very busy clinic. Not only did you managed to establish and maitain rapport but the very fact you actually listened to me and talked me through additional breathing techniques at me pace made me much calmer.

You reiterated the terrible consequences of stress which led to my breathing disruption made me reflect more positively and helped me overcome the ill-health state I was temporarily in.

You also allowed me to call you on you holiday and returned my call late at night which showed me how much you really care about your patients. Not many practitioners would do that, which is what makes you different from the rest!

Would highly recommend you to others.

Thank you once again, God bless. x



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To Irving

Over the years I have been to many Osteopaths with regard to my back however I have always been dissatisfied with the outcome. Following a recent bout of sciatica Wayne from Coraff Carpets highly recommended that I come and see you for treatment.

In a short space of time it has been remarkable how much your treatment has helped my back pain and I have found your advice really helpful.

I have been impressed by your level of professionalism and feel at ease during the treatment which isn't always that easy when I am standing there in my boxer shorts!

As a qualified Naturopath and Homeopath this has also enabled you to give me guidance not just on my sciatica but with regard to my wellbeing as a person which has also really helped me.

I recently referred my partner Claire to you for treatment and will happily continue to refer more people in the future.

Yours sincerely



Excellent help with my back, wouldn't hesitate to recommend for treatment at any time - thank you.


Dear Irving,

I woke up last week feeling like my head was stuck onto my neck side-ways!

I hoped it would get better on its own but as the morning went on and it wasn’t getting any better, I thought I’d better come and see you. After your treatment, the problem was virtually gone by the next day.

Thank you for seeing me so quickly and helping me. I would recommend anyone suffering in a similar way to go to see you too.

Best wishes


Happy Business People Walking On Sidewalk.

Here is a short report I received from a patient today who has been on the Natural Path to Migraine Relief for just over a month:-
Thought I would update you with my headaches this week. Headache during the afternoon on Monday, took 2 paracetamol and the headache went within half an hour and did not return.

Today, woke up with one, took 2 paracodol, drank water on my way to work, I have had breakfast (1 slice wholemeal toast) and a little butter (scraping). The headache is still there but ever so slightly, not like it would normally have been. I can totally function ok with it.
Have a nice day,


I first came to Irving some twenty years ago. I had had some really bad sciatic pains and the doctor had sent me to an osteopath who had done some aggressive manipulation and left me in a state of near agony, bent over with pain. I struggled for months to find any position to get comfortable and found every part of daily life painful.

Fortunately I was recommended to Irving by a friend. In a short time Irving was able to isolate exactly where my problem came from, and over a short number of visits, helped me back to normal life.

The problems I have with my spine come from a long history of poor posture and bulging discs in the spine. Every so often I do get acute periods of discomfort. For a long period I was suffering from shooting pains through my back and leg that felt as if bolts of electricity were being fired through me. But Irving always knew how to build up a programme to help me back to good form.

Recently I have had terrible knee pain, and have consulted medical specialists and physiotherapists and after numerous visits and MRI’s and exercise programmes I still felt no better. I went to see Irving who worked on those places on my back that send messages through the knee, and three visits later, I am so much better. Frankly, of all the specialists I have seen, only Irving really committed himself to getting me better.

I can’t recommend Irving highly enough. I know I have a weakness in my back; but I always know that Irving will help me through bad times, and give his wholehearted effort to putting me right. The friends that I have recommended him to agree with me: he is excellent at what he does.

I have so much to be grateful to Irving for.



Dear Irving,

I wish to thank you for the recent treatment for my shoulder condition and let you and to let everyone else know that the improvement in my condition has been fantastic. The range of movement has increased dramatically and the level of pain has reduced in a similar fashion.
The three main USP’s which I noted in dealing with you are as follows

1. Your prices are very reasonable

2. Your knowledge and service is impeccable

3. Your enthuasism for helping people is boundless

And last but not least you are a really nice guy and lovely to deal with and I have no hesitation recommending you to all of my colleagues, friends and family.


Christopher Grey

Dear Irving,

A few weeks back I called you urgently as I was in immense pain from my back.You made space in your diary to see pretty much straight away.

After just the first session my back was already feeling a lot better. During my second appointment I told you about an acute pain in my upper arm that had restricted my ability to lift my arm fully. Immediately you set your magic hands upon me and as soon as I left that appointment the movement in my arm was ten times better.

So thank you for the professional service you have provided. It’s a weight off my mind knowing that I can rely upon you to fix me up whenever it is needed.

You certainly are the best at what you do and I will highly recommend you to everyone and anyone who needs your services.

Best regards,


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity“I run a lot and get a lot of minor injruies - pulled muscles, sprains and strains and I can honestly say Irving is the best Osteopath I have ever met and he is my first choice without hesitation. If he can fix me up he will. The service you recieve is highly skilled combined with years of experience but it is holistic as well because irving knows a lot about healthy living and the right kind of diet. Really cannot recommend him enough. I recently moved to another part of London but I would consider travelling across London to have a session with Irving before booking anybody else.”

Anne hired you as a Osteopath and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert“I received excellent treatment from Irving for lower back pain and continue to go to him every few weeks for general maintenance. I have recommended him to friends and members of my family and will continue to do so.”

Alan hired you as a osteopath in and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"I have been using Irving's services throughout the year, as my line of work can often be quite physical at times, resulting in some pain. Irving immediately knows the areas of pain, and can feel exactly where that pain is and the cause. I feel totally comfortable being treated by him and will always recommend him to others. Gavin"

Gavin hired you as a Osteopath and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity“All I can say is Irving takes the pain out of back pain, AMAZING .”

Mitchell hired you as a Osteopath

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert“Irving has helped me on many occasions, mainly with my back and neck problems. On some occasions, when I have been unable to travel to him as I've been unable to drive, he has treated me at my own home. He seems to have magic hands that just KNOW where the root of my aches and pains are and he's always managed to sort me out.”

Judy hired you as a Osteopath and hired you more than once

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