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It’s always difficult to know what to do when you first injure yourself but the best thing is to take the Homeopathic remedy Arnica 30 every couple of hours until you see signs of improvement. Then follow this with Rhus Tox 30 every 4 hours.

The next best thing to do is to get into the shower and spray your back (or any injured area) with hot water for three minutes and cold water for one minute and continue for twelve minutes. Repeat this 3 times a day.

You probably should rest after this but make sure you move (see back exercises) every thirty minutes. Avoid any lifting or long journeys.

It’s probably best to wait 24 hours before you contact me but if you feel up to it you could come sooner.

Homeopathic Remedy

1st Aid General Health Measures

If you are feeling unwell in yourself and ‘coming down with something’ the best thing to do here is take some of the Homeopathic remedy Aconite 30 every 3 hours till bedtime. Increase your water intake, eat only fruit, have a warm bath and retire early to bed.

If there is no improvement after 24 hours, it is time to pay me a visit.

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