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10 Mind Gym Exercises

By 3rd February 2019June 14th, 2019Blog
The girl is engaged in meditation on coast of lake

How are you getting on looking after your mind?

With all the constant news about mental health issues do you have a way of taking care of yours?

Happy Old People.

Do you realize that if you internalize emotional trauma (stress) from your life, it can create internal emotional turmoil which may manifest either emotionally as anxiety or depression, or physically in the form of conditions such as IBS, asthma, eczema, headaches, aches & pain etc.

Many people are reactive to their mental experiences but there are certain actions and thought processes (mental exercises) that can diminish the influence of stress and make you more resilient.

Here are 10 mental exercises care of Wayne Dyer (Personal Development Coach) whose work I would urge you to follow.

  1. Don’t look to be offended. (It will only upset YOU!)
  2. You attract what’s inside you. (Look inside for your answers!)
  3. No resentments are justified. (They are like snake bites where the poison flows through you!)
  4. Have a mission for your life. (It will give you purpose!)
  5. EMBRACE THE SILENCE. (Mindfulness & quiet promote healing!)
  6. Give up your personal history. (Acknowledge your baggage but move on and live in the now!)
  7. You can’t solve a problem with the mind that caused it. (Learn to change your mind; your views & opinions!)
  8. Learn to dream more. (Create the life you want so you can experience it!)
  9. Connect with SOURCE. (There are incredible natural forces out there waiting for you to use them!)
  10. Weak thoughts create a weak body. (Don’t be a victim; Love yourself & make self-empowerment your lifelong project)

I hope you enjoy these useful and are able to bring them into your consciousness.

For any further assistance with mental or physical well-being please get in touch.