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By 11th July 2019Blog


Did you know that back problems are the biggest cause of absenteeism from work?

How will you cope if you or your staff are off sick with a bad back?

Remember 80% of the population get back problems and once you’ve had one bout then you are 50% more likely to have another.

Most problems begin with twinges!

At some stage they WILL get worse (it may not be tomorrow or the next day) but depending on your age it will be sooner rather than later.

Then, how will you cope if you have:-

1) difficulty sleeping and getting out of bed.

2) difficulty dressing especially putting your shoes and socks on.

3) difficulty moving and walking around.

4) difficulty getting in and out of your car.

5) difficulty bending and lifting.

6) difficulty standing up and sitting down.

7) difficulty playing sport or gardening

………..and finally difficulty having any fun whatsoever!!!

These are all the realities of a back sufferer and I’m sure you don’t want this to be you, so how can you prevent this from being your reality?

It’s not difficult and work place assessments and manual handling training can help, as can avoiding long periods of sitting. Doing back stretches and keeping active are also important adjuncts. However, the single most important factor to keeping your back healthy is having it checked over by an experienced spinal mechanical expert, which is what an Osteopath is. This should be done throughout your life and more frequently as you get older.

Doctors and phsios have their place but an Osteopath, [who should be your first point of call with back twinges] is qualified to tell YOU the state of your back, you won’t have to tell him. He will check your posture and your flexibility as these are the key indicators to the state of health of your spine. In a few sessions he will make significant changes to your pain and stiffness so that your life will be a lot more comfortable. This isn’t difficult to achieve and it shouldn’t be expensive, provided you get treated quickly.


An Osteopath should be part of your medical team like your Doctor, Dentist and Optician. Regular [but infrequent] check-ups are an easy way of maintaining your spinal health. You know what happens if you don’t go to the dentist for a long time, well it’s exactly the same with an Osteopath! However, Osteopathy is a lot less uncomfortable than Dentistry so don’t put off your check-ups.

Finally, would you put off getting your car serviced until it broke down? No, so why wait until your twinges get worse, get them sorted quickly!

For further information regarding keeping you and your staff healthy please contact me 020 8954 2254