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Getting Rid of Back Pain For Ever!

By 11th July 2019Blog


1) DAILY LOOSENING EXERCISES. These should be done morning and evening and before any physical activity. (you can see me doing them on my home page)

2) TAKE GREAT CARE WHEN LIFTING. Get help whenever you can; maybe wear a support belt; don’t twist you spine; always bend your knees.

3) AVOID LONG SITTING. Continual sitting is one of the worst things not only for your back but your health in general. Stand up regularly whether you are at your desk or travelling.

4) BE AWARE OF YOUR POSTURE.Think tall and wide whether you are sitting or standing.

5) DON’T DELAY YOUR TREATMENT. The sooner you visit your Osteopath the quicker you will get better.

6) TAKE EXTRA CARE IF STRESSED OR TIRED. These will make you more vulnerable to strain.

7) BE AWARE OF YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL BAGS. Their weight and position (not too low) can cause problems. More children are suffering with back pains but they respond very well to Osteopathic treatment.

8) OSTEOARTHRITIS IS EASILY KEPT AT BAY. All you need is some regular Osteopathic treatments throughout the year. Your age doesn’t prevent you being helped.

9) WHIPLASH INJURIES SHOULD NEVER BE IGNORED. Even if they seem trivial you should always get yourself checked over by your Osteopath.

10) BE CAUTIOUSWITH DECORATING (work at eye level), GARDENING ( kneel), MOVING FURNITURE (get help), LIFTING CHILDREN (crouch down to lift them) & SUITCASES (pack them downstairs).

11) SLIPPED DISCS AND SCIATICA ARE TREATABLE. Leg and arm pains often come from strain of the spine and are easily treated. Occasionally they are caused by disc problems but these are actually quite rare but they still do respond to treatment but a bit more slowly.

12) EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE SPINAL CHECK UPS. (Like you do for your teeth, car, boiler and heart).

If you follow these 12 pointers I can virtually guarantee you will either avoid back problems all together or if you do unfortunately get one it will pass quickly.

Please get in touch for any further advice.