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How important is the ‘Selfie’ to cancer prevention?

By 11th July 2019Blog

This week has seen many women joining The Facebook campaign of going without make-up and taking a ‘selfie’ to raise awareness for cancer. Any thing that raises the awareness of cancer prevention is very important especially as over 300k people are diagnosed with it each year.It is interesting to focus on the term selfie as for me this word helps to focus on the fact that we ourselves have much more influence over cancer prevention than we realize. You only have to view the Cancer Research website to see how many aspects of our lifestyle influence cancer creation.Below i have listed 16 pointers that I believe can go a long way to creating health and thus preventing cancer.I’d love to hear your views on the subject so please feel free to contact me via my email link.


1) Stop smoking

2) Keep your waist size below 32 inches for a lady & 37 for a man

3) Try to keep alcohol to 3 drinks a week max

4) Exercise daily for a minimum of 20 minutes.

5) Make half you plate fruit, salad & veg

6) Try to reduce red meat, milk & cheese

7) Avoid fried or processed foods or foods with any additives.

8) Choose whole grain cereals ie porridge, pasta, rice & bread

9) Don’t add salt or sugar

10) Minimise confectionery and sugary desserts.

11) Choose organic produce if possible for their extra nutrients.

12 Avoid anti-antiperspirants (use a natural deodorant) & taking unnecessary meds if you can.

13) Eat more fish, tofu, miso, nuts, broccoli, seeds & olive oil

14) Drink more water, juices & green tea and less ordinary tea & coffee

15) Meditate daily

16) Consider getting advice on supplements such as selenium, vitamins C & D, fish oils, B complex.