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By 11th July 2019Blog


Step1) Own your problem. You heal yourself (with a little help!)

Step2) Acknowledge your mind plays a role in health recovery.

Step3) Acknowledge your rate of recovery will be affected by both your mental and physical fitness levels and my skills. It’s a collaboration.

Step4) Have faith in the process. Be an optimist. We can do it!

Step5) You need to do as much as you can to help your recovery because I will.

Step6) Miracles are always possible but they may take more than one treatment.

Step7) If your problem is stubborn it may be because your stress levels are interfering with your recovery (more than you realise).

Step8) Recovery is always a possibility. It’s just a matter of uncovering the blocks.

Step9) Remember your body is always trying to get you better.

Step10) Exercise & Diet play a role in recovery too.

If you are struggling with your recovery please email or call 020 8954 2254 as I’m sure I will be able to offer you some simple tips to help you. Or you can book a money back consultations!