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An inspiration to us all!

By 11th July 2019Blog

What ever you think of her music, Dame Vera Lynn is an inspiration. To be still working at 97 is incredible, however it is my goal for my patients to be healthy, fit and active well into their 90s; and why not? We know how to do it but it’s a question of your genes and your lifestyle.

Here are 6 tips to get you there:-
1) Address your stress with plenty of rest & relaxation, hobbies & learning some form of mindful meditation.
2) Try not to sit for long periods and do some non competitive exercise daily.
3) Avoid sugary foods.
4) Eat more fruit, salad and vegetables than any thing else.
5) Drink more water and less alcohol, tea & coffee.
6) Seek the advice of Alternative Medical Practitioners whose aim is to encourage your health, rather than treat your disease, and visit when you are well to stay well!
If you’d like to become one of my patients and live healthily into your 90s, give me a call.