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Did you know that in China people used to pay their doctor only when they were well?!

By 10th July 2019Blog

How good would that be? Only pay me when you are well! I’d be happy for that but you’d have to follow my advice!

One of the things I feel passionate about is preventing a back problem as opposed to treating it. As they say prevention is better than cure and it’s cheaper too, so why wait until you have back pain when you can take steps to prevent it from recurring/occurring. Do you wait until your car breaks down before you get it serviced? No! The same goes for your C/H boiler and your teeth ( no we neglect them too!).
Once you have had a back problem, and there is an 80% chance that you will, you are 50% more likely to have a recurrence, however there are things you can do to significantly prevent that from happening.
Firstly lead a more active life; secondly take care with any lifting and thirdly have your back MOT’d by your Osteopath. ( Please contact me if you don’t have an Osteopath!).
Occasional back check overs infrequently throughout the year will nip in the bud any problems that might be brewing, which you probably wont know about, and maintain your flexibility so recurrences are less likely. It is far easier to keep you well than treat you when you’re in pain so if you have had a problem and you think your ok now, it’s better to let your Osteopath tell you that because he can tell how you really are.
Truth to tell everyone should have their back checked over throughout their life. Children are not exempt from back problems, with their heavy school bags and in some cases excessive sporting activities. Both can contribute to back problems as well as, and don’t get me started, their sedentary life in front of their Play Stations!
Many problems in adulthood can be traced back to the falls or accidents of childhood and don’t forget the whiplash of the fairground.
As I said infrequent MOTs are the answer and ultimately what I’d recommend, as a lifetime guide, is one check over every five years from the age of ten. Then a yearly check up from 25 until 40, every six months till 60 and then every three months thereafter. Hopefully that will go some way to prevent the colossal cost to industry from absenteeism due to back pain and reduce some of the wear and tear that then develops into Osteoarthritis. Unfortunately people will continue to injure themselves but if they maintain these check overs the problems will last less time and be less painful. It is also very important to get treated ASAP after any injury as the quicker you get treated the quicker you will recovery.
If you are or have been a back sufferer and would like to discuss having treatment please call me on 020 8954 2254.