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How to avoid the Hazards of the Holiday!

By 11th July 2019Blog

How To Avoid the Hazards of the Holiday

It’s coming up to holiday time again so I’d like to warn you that I see a lot of patients, with back problems, after they have been on holiday. Why is this the case I hear you ask?
Well, it’s down to the 3 hazards of the holiday!
Number one is the suit case. They are often over filled ( ladies!). Less shoes please! Try packing them down stairs, next to the washing machine, so you don’t have to shlap them down the stairs. Remember they have to be hoiked into the boot, off the carousel or into the overhead. When you do have to lift them try to bend your knees.
Hazard number two is sitting for long periods of time whether it be in a car, on plane or a train. Where ever it is, stand up and walk up and down the plane or train or stop at a service station; every 2 hours max. Do some simple back stretches just to prevent your back seizing up.
Hazard number three is unusual activity. We do a lot of this on holiday, so please remember I see most of my Osteopathic clients from them doing things they are not use to, like tennis, skiing, horse riding, climbing or bedroom activities!!………..and finally please remember you are 10 years older than you think you are!
If you do hurt your back remember the quicker you contact me the quicker I’ll get you better. Happy holidays.