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By 11th July 2019Blog


In this modern world we live in, Science is discovering that stress is playing a larger and larger role in the underpinning our health, our aches & pains and even our general well-being. However, it is not always easy to define and then even harder to know where to go to get relief.

I have spent my whole life helping people get out of pain, increase their flexibility and improve their mental & physical well-being and now, 38yrs on, I am finding stress is becoming more and more relevant for patients’ recovery.

With mental illness on the rise and the connections between stress and pain becoming more and more understood there is a question that needs answering: “Who do I turn to when I am feeling stressed?”

Here are a few symptoms of Stress:-

· A feeling of overwhelm

· Insomnia

· Headaches or Migraine

· Neck & shoulder tension

· Difficulty swallowing or chest tightness

· Indigestion or diarrhoea

· Aches & pains

· Frequent urination or menstrual irregularities

· Anxiety and/or depression

Stress affects all of us in some way but it is not always that easy to recognise and also to know where to go to find help?
This is where I come in. I’ve put together what I call my Advanced Stress & Pain Recovery Programme (ASPRP)

My ASPRP involves 6 one hour treatment sessions which include:-

· Osteopathic Massage & Manipulation

· Progressive Relaxation & Breathing Exercises

· Mindfulness

· Personal Development

· Counselling

· Journaling

· Health Coaching

The aim of this ASPRP is to calm & soothe the tension that Stress produces and to re-educate the mind to be more optimistic & appreciative.

My special offer price today for this programme is £325. This is the same as I charge for 6 ordinary 30mins Osteopathy sessions but here you are getting much more with a double session of 1hr (a saving of £250). I only ask you commit to 6 sessions and then I will guarantee if you are not happy after those 6 sessions I will refund your money.

Please call me on 020 8954 2254 to book your programme.