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By 10th July 2019Blog

As more and more evidence is uncovered regarding the connection between our adverse childhood experiences and our attitudes to life, and then the illnesses we experience as adults. I thought I’d share with you some ideas I have about getting yourself mentally fit, as opposed to physically fit, which is relatively easy to do.

Both our mentality towards life and the experiences we have as children have been directly linked to the chronic illnesses we experience as adults. Heart disease, cancer, strokes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS, Lupus, Migraine, aches & pains and even obesity, to name just a few, are conditions more commonly found in people who have had Adverse Childhood Experiences. People who are generally more optimistic and have high levels of self-esteem & confidence are less likely to experience those chronic diseases. However, if they do, they will tend to recover more quickly from them.

So how do you get yourself mentally fit? Well I think the first step is to create more of an awareness of who you are today and how you tick.

Do you get anxious, fearful, angry or sad? How often? What are the causes? What was your childhood like? This is a start.

For a more comprehensive insight into yourself you might like to reflect on some of these questions.

· How happy are you? How happy do you make those around you?

· How loving are you? How lovable are you?

· How critical are you? How much criticism have you experienced?

· Do you like company? Are you uncomfortable alone?

· How expressive are you? How much affection were you shown as a child?

· Can you be violent or aggressive? Did you experience violence or abuse as a child?

· How good a listener are you? How stubborn are you?

· How forgiving are you? How much do you hold grudges?

· Have you been through a divorce as a child or adult?

· Have you been through bereavement as a child or adult?

Answering some or all of these questions might give you some insights that will enable you to do some self-evaluation which is the first step to change. Remember most of our attitudes and behaviours are learned and can be unlearned if you visit the mind gym.

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