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Why Doctors make backs worse!

By 10th July 2019Blog
Ever since I was a small boy and I won a prize at my Sunday school for the ‘Boy who shows most consideration for others’ I have come to realize my passion in life is to be of service to others. 
My parents nurtured this passion by encouraging me into Osteopathy and since then I have dedicated my professional life to the prevention and eradication of chronic pain in the back & legs, neck & shoulders, hips & knees and from Migraine headaches. 
The way I do this is by creating a conscious awareness of the mind-body connection so that I can uncover the mental and physical triggers of chronic pain. These come in the form of physical strain and an upset mind.
The first step to preventing chronic pain in the spine or joints is to rapidly treat acute pain and this is where Doctors are a great hindrance. In stead of recognizing that they know little (in most cases) about the treatment and recovery of acute pain they, in their well meaning wisdom, by their recommendations, actually hinder the recovery process. i all cases acute pain is easy to treat, and in the ‘hands’ of a qualified expert (an Osteopath or Chiropractor) it will recover within a week or two. 
As I mentioned speed is of essence for that complete recovery so prescribing pain killers, injections, physiotherapy, scans and X-rays (unless a major fall has occurred) only delay recovery and encourage chronic (recurring) pain to arise. This delay also promotes the illusion that the back can repair itself without help. The mechanical ‘natural healing process’ is unfortunately incomplete due to the sedentary lifestyle of most people today. and although the pains may have gone away on their own, once you have had a bout of back pain you are 50% more likely to have an exacerbation! 
If you are super fit i.e do yoga, swim & walk you probably wouldn’t get strained in the first place!!
So if you want a thorough & rapid recovery from acute pain find yourself and Osteopath or Chiropractor or call me on 020 8954 2254
NB In my view physiotherapy is best suited to rehabilitation after an operation or serious injury  or sports injuries but not so relevant for spinal problems.