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By 11th July 2019Blog


This is probably the most important question you’ll ever ask yourself because as any sports person will tell you, this is the secret to great performance. You can have the fittest body but if your mind is not right, how well will you perform? However if your mind is right but your body isn’t physically prepared that won’t work either!

Which is the more important the physical or mental? Are they equal or does that slight edge come from that extra bit of mental resilience? What makes the winner the winner? Determination? That never say die attitude? I think it’s that extra 10% that makes the difference so that makes it 45% physical & 55% mental.

So we have now established that you need to work on your mind to get you the edge in sport so what about your life? Is your life any different to a sporting performance?

Let’s take a hurdles race as a metaphor for our life. You have to prepare yourself to run, first by gradually doing more and more training. This is like our childhood not too many difficulties if our coach (parents) train us right. They feed us the right food and encourage us to develop physically and also encourage us mentally with loving kindness (just like a motivating coach). We know the encouragement is important, in fact we decided that the mental side is slightly more important. We know an athlete without the motivator will not be so successful but what about the child without loving kindness or worse having to experience an adverse emotional event? We now know from research that they are more likely be less successful & less healthy.

Now as we get older along come the hurdles: 1st day at school; exams; driving test; living away from home; exposure to infections; unhealthy eating or drinking; bereavement; job interviews; relationships; work stress; financial worries; divorce etc etc. We know we will deal with them in relation to our mental and physical resilience.

So now if you ask yourself is your mind right you realise the importance of the statement. If you take on life’s challenges with it not right you know the outcome will not be so favourable and we also know that our health is affected by our attitudes.

Research once again tells us that if one has an optimistic outlook and a good self-esteem we will be healthier, recovery more effectively from illness or emotional upsets and generally be more successful in life.

So what does it mean to ‘get your mind right’?

Here are a few tips:-

· Take responsibility for your thoughts

· Look forward to everything

· Learn to forgive

· Look for good

· Appreciate yourself & life

· Express your feelings

· Relax & learn mindfulness

· Walk to clear your mind

· Think before you react

· Don’t watch the news

· Wear half-full glasses

So as a final thought how would your life be if your mind wasn’t right when you started your day, when you got to work, when you had a date, when your kids or husband (or wife) annoyed you and how do you think your immunity, your headaches, your digestion, your heart, your periods, your worries would be if your mind wasn’t right? Food for thought perhaps! The good news is that you can teach yourself to be more of the above.

For further help to ‘get your mind right’ please get in touch as I have set up a Health Recovery Mentoring Programme that as well as 45% physical & nutritional advice provides that 55% ‘mind gym’ advice that will give you the slight edge that will enable you to lead a full, happy & health life. Please contact me at 020 8954 2254 or at