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Is Your Workplace Happy & Healthy or is it Cultivating Stress & Sickness?

By 10th July 2019Blog

I believe a happy & healthy workplace will be a productive one so how does yours shape up?

Here are 15 tips to improve your work place environment:-

  1. Have a work place assessment to check the heights of chairs, position of screens etc
  2. Use standing desks
  3. Flexible hours
  4. Fresh air in the office
  5. Water machines readily available
  6. Healthy food in the canteen
  7. Play background music
  8. Encourage staff to stand up every hour & get a glass of water.
  9. Encourage walking at lunchtime & to and from work.
  10. Encourage lunch breaks & holidays
  11. Have health & fitness lectures
  12. Encourage an ethos of healthy living
  13. Be there for you staff.
  14. Reward hard work & attendance.
  15. Employ an Osteopath & Naturopath to keep your staff resilient to the stresses and strains of modern life so call 020 8954 2254!!