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By 10th July 2019Blog

Top five causes of short-term absence

1. Minor illness such as colds and headaches

2. Stress

3. Musculoskeletal injuries such as neck strains

4. Back pain

Top five causes of long-term absence

1. Stress

2. Acute medical conditions such as heart attack and stroke

3. Musculoskeletal injuries such as neck strains

4. Mental ill health

5. Back pain

Things you can do to prevent:-

1. Neck strain & headaches

2. Back pain

3. Stress

4. Low immunity

5. Heart attacks.

1. Neck Strain & Headaches

· Start the day with some neck loosening exercises,

· Drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day.

· Have your eyes tested.

· Have your computer screen at eye level & sit tall.

· Avoid missing meals

· Get someone to massage your neck.

2. Back Pain

· Start the day with some back loosening exercises

· Drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day.

· Avoid sitting for more than 1 hour at a time.

· Bend your knees whenever lifting

· Pack your suitcases downstairs.

· If you do strain your back don’t delay in getting it treated.

3. Stress

· Get plenty of sleep [min 7 hours]

· Take your lunch breaks & allotted holidays

· Learn to get things off your chest

· Keep an emotional diary

· Get plenty of exercise

· Learn to meditate

· Have hobbies

· Cultivate a positive mental attitude of appreciation, optimism, love & forgiveness. Practise thinking or doing whatever it takes to make you feel happy [unconditionally]. Don’t wait for things or situations to make you happy. Be happy in anticipation of them. REMEMBER YOUR ATTITUDE RULES YOUR LIFE [ you are wrong if you think it is the other way round!]

4. The Rest

· Eat a diet full of fruits, salad & veg; nuts & seeds

· Eat more fish than meat

· Use only wholegrain carbohydrates

· Avoid sugary foods like the plague ie fizzy drinks, confectionery, pastries & desserts [ & salty is nearly as bad]

· Use olive oil; but no fried foods

· Drink herbal teas; diluted fruit juices; no coffee

· Max 3 alcoholic drinks per week.

· Use supplements not medicines.