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What frustrates me?

By 11th July 2019Blog

One of the things that really frustrates me is the lack of understanding of the importance of our mind with regards to our health and for our life experiences in general.

I believe that taking control of our thoughts (& thus how we feel) is the most important aspect of our lives and is also a vital component in our health recovery. As is stated ‘what goes around comes around’ so we are in control and just need to grab the reigns!

So what stops us appreciating our mind’s role in life?  

I think it comes from a lack of spiritual awareness where the “I” is very important together with our medical professions obsession with the physical aspects of health & external causes eg germs and the environment in general! It is also coupled with the lack of appreciation for the bodies own self healing and regulatory mechanisms. I learnt a long time ago from my personal development that the human mind creates everything in the universe and that is actually a Law of Nature along with Gravity, Attraction & Healing.

Our mind is our great ruler so taking control of it is an incredibly important aspect of human life that few really understand, let alone do something about. It is governing every aspect of our life; motivating us in what we eat, how much we exercise & activity we do, how we interact with other people and whether we are positive or negative in our attitudes. We know that negative attitudes play a huge inhibiting role in human life so being what I call a deliberate positive thinker is essential for maintaining a happy & healthy existence. 

However our mind is incredibly malleable and will respond protectively according to our life experiences. The more ‘upset’ it is ( especially when young) the more it changes ones thoughts to negative but if nurtured & soothed it can recover a sense of value & optimism which in my view are the two vital governing components of human existence/health.

I see my role as health mentor helping people to take control of their personal power & improve the way they think (& thus feel) about themselves, others & life in general. Eg developing essential half glass full thoughts. 

I can’t get you well as that is down to you but I can be the guide for your journey.

Recovery as with everything in life occurs in direct proportion to the determination & commitment that one is able to put into it so this is the challenge for everyone and I want to feel that everyone is as passionate (obsessional) about life & health recovery as I am

Thus I guess I need to find ways to encourage people to make health recovery their obsession; thus enabling them to stop living the life that they are with the thoughts that they have and change to living the life of their dreams with the thoughts ( & feelings) that support those dreams?

It is done with love, forgiveness, acceptance, persistence & patience.

Are you up for this challenge?