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Would you like to know what causes your Migraine?

By 11th July 2019Blog


Firstly are you sure your headaches are really a migraine? Here are some identifying symptoms:- A warning feeling that something is coming on; some kind of visual disturbance; some numbness or disorientation; followed by a one sided intensely painful headache that you need to lie in a darkened room with; accompanying nausea and/or vomiting; this can last anywhere from 4-48 hours!

Here are 9 reasons that may be causative factors. Any one or a combination of any can trigger migraine but stress is a major overarching cause.

1. How is your eyesight?

Are you having trouble seeing distant objects or the small print? A visit to the Optician is the simplest cure for Migraine.

2. Do you drink less than 8 glasses of water a day?

If you do dehydration could be a factor in your Migraine so just drink more water [herbal tea or diluted grapefruit juice will do too].

3. Do you suffer from a stiff neck or shoulder tension?

Many migraine are caused or aggravated by musculo-skeletal problems here [call me on 020 8954 2254 for a Spinal Check Over].

4. Do you feel tired during the day?

7-8 hours’ sleep is essential for Migraine sufferers but go to bed early don’t lie in!

5. Do you skip meals?

Low blood sugar has been found to bring on a Migraine in some people so try to eat every 4 hour even if it is just a snack [like nuts & raisins or a fruity bar].

6. What are your triggers?

Several foods have been found to bring on an attack including:- chocolate, coffee, alcohol, oranges, MSG, sulphites & cheese.

7. Menstrual cycle?

Many women’s’ migraine begin at puberty so hormone play a significant role in their causation. A natural female health check can help a lot to balance hormones.

8. Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies?

Certain supplements have been found to benefit migraine sufferers including Magnesium, CoQ10, Vitamin B2,

9. Over-Stressed?

This is the biggy! You could maybe get away with some or all the others but if you are stressed your migraine will be worse. 2 de-stressing tips:- go for walks and learn to relax/meditate

If you are interested in my Comprehensive Migraine Treatment Protocol that includes:- neck treatment, dietary and lifestyle analysis plus relaxation and healthy thinking guidance please get in touch at or 020 8954 2254