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Are you a sufferer of pain, poor health, or are too easily effected by stress?

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Health Recovery Mentoring Programme

Are you a sufferer of pain, poor health,or are too easily effected by stress?

People, beauty, spa, healthy lifestyle and relaxation concept

Many people suffer in this way and find long term recovery a real challenge. They get stuck taking medication which may give relief of symptoms but does not really address the origins of their complaint, plus the drugs may also have unpleasant side effects.

To get truly well you have to address the root causes of your health issues. These are generally:

  1. The way you handle stress in your life (45%)
  2. The food & drink you consume (35%)
  3. Your activity levels (20%)

Unfortunately the NHS is not set up to deal with these three in any significant way and its first port of call is just the relief of symptoms via the use of drugs, which unfortunately side-steps the real causes of illness. To get any significant assistance for these root causes one has to seek help from outside the NHS and only in this way can effective recovery really take place. When this occurs you will know it because you will be better able to lead a full, active and healthy life with boundless energy!

You can see from the percentages above that stress plays a very important role in perpetuating one’s symptoms so my Mentoring Programme is uniquely constructed to address this, together with extensive general health advice. Ironically stress is the area of health that is most neglected and as you can see is the most important!

So here is a summary of my Health Recovery Mentoring Programmewhich aimed at guiding you back to health.

(I can’t make you healthy, only you can do this, but I can mentor you to help you address the three root causes as above)

To do this I use the following techniques:

  1. Relaxation techniques (including breathing techniques, mindfulness & visualisation)
  2. Osteopathic treatment & Massage (to address physical tension)
  3. Counselling & Personal Development techniques( to retrain your mind into positivity) Including use of my Advanced Stress & Pain Recovery Workbook
  4. Exercise & Dietary Guidance( to address the physical components of your health)
  5. Homeopathy & Herbs( to assist the above)

This monthly programme will guide you down the road to recovery so that quite quickly you will feel like you are back in charge of your health. With your symptoms truly minimized, you will once be able to participate fully in your life, with the added bonus of feeling, lively, active & happy.

For more information or to enroll on my mentoring programme call 020 8954 2254 or email

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The Most Important Blog I’ve Ever Written!

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The 4 tenets of a healthy mind

Staying healthy in the 21st century is a real challenge because we do not appreciate the importance of the power our Mind over our health and life in general.

Combine this with healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle one has the three components of our life.

Healthy lifestyle fitness sports woman running.

The latter two are readily spoken about but the power of the mind is a totally neglected commodity which in reality governs every aspect of our life. Our health, our relationships and even our financial success can be attributed to the levels of positivity or negativity that ensue within our brains. Mastery of the way we think and feel is the key to a happy, healthy and successful life.

As mentioned above eating healthily, getting regular exercise combined with adequate sleep, being mindful and learning relaxation will allow health to dominate in one’s life.

After 40 years’ experience of helping people recover their mental & physical health and diminish their aches & pains I have this question to ask:

How does one know when one’s body is at its optimal healthy functioning?

That’s easy! You feel energetic, healthy and your mind is focused on happiness.

So how do you promote that happy state of mind?

In my view there are 4 factors which I call the 4 Tenants of a Healthy Mind that if adhered to will promote love, optimism and a sense of wellbeing.

    1. Assume 100% responsibility for your life. That means saying to yourself “I’m in charge” and thus believing that you are the Commander of your ship. Power and control are the number 1 factors that affect the way we feel. The less power and control we perceive we have the more vulnerable, frightened and anxious we will feel. It then follows that we go on to believe we are the victims to our life and not the creators of it.
    2. Know that your capability is greater than any adversity life may throw at you. Learn to say to yourself “I can cope with everything”.
    3. Never ever underestimate yourself . This is probably the most important tenant as every anxious thought we have has its origins in not appreciating ourselves and our ability. Learn to develop the inner strength and confidence to big yourself up. Action: clench your fist and say “I have great faith in myself”.
    4. Wherever you are, whoever you’re with and whatever you’re doing always let it be an opportunity for you To Shine and be the best you can possibly be. Whenever that opportunity arises make sure you are ready.

Take these 4 tenets with you wherever you go. Make them your 4 daily mind gym activities and you will find your life filling up with Joy, Riches & Success. We can all do with some of that!

For further mentoring on recovering your mental or physical health and reducing your pain please get in touch at or 020 8954 2254.

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Have you ever wondered how much influence your mind has on your body?

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If you want to know the answer then ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are easy going, calm & relaxed or do you worry or get irritable.
  2. Are you mostly happy or are you prone to moodiness?
  3. Do you express your emotions easily or are you prone to being hurt or resentful?
  4. Have you had any serious emotional upsets either as a child or adult?
  5. Do you exercise daily?
  6. Do you eat mainly plant based foods or are you fond of meat, dairy, bread & sugary foods?

All these factors contribute to your state of mind. Which way is your life going?

If you’d like any help with your health, aches & pains or unhappiness please get in touch 020 8954 2254 or There is a lot of free advice available so don’t be shy!